Who Shot Twice ?


Who shot Twice ?

/// My name is Ser­geant Frank Dre­bin, Detec­tive Lieu­te­nant Police Squad, a spe­cial detail of the Police Depart­ment. There’d been a recent wave of gor­geous fashion models found naked and uncons­cious at laun­dro­mats on the West Side. Unfor­tu­na­tely, I was assi­gned to inves­ti­gate hold-ups of neigh­bo­rhood cre­dit unions. I was across town doing my laun­dry when I heard the call on the double killing. It took me twenty minutes to get there. My boss was already on the scene. __Ed:__ Attemp­ted hold-up, Frank. Cashier is the only wit­ness. Accor­ding to her, the gun­man shot the tel­ler, she grab­bed the gun and shot the hold-up man.%%% __Frank:__ It’s the same m.o. as the others.%%% __Ed__: Could be, but this one has an inter­es­ting wrinkle. The gun­man, Twice, is a good family man with no prior record.%%% __Frank__: Can I talk to her?%%% __Ed__: Sure.%%% __Ed__: This is Sally Decker, Frank.%%% __Frank__: Hello Ms Decker.%%% __Sally__: Hello.%%% __Frank__: I am Cap­tain Frank Dre­bin. I unders­tand you had a pretty rough time.%%% __Sally__: Yeah, it was pretty bad.%%% __Frank__: Ciga­rette?%%% __Sally__: Yes, I know.%%% __Frank__: Well. Do you feel up to any ques­tions?%%% __Sally__: I’ll try.%%% __Frank__: Where were you when all this hap­pe­ned?%%% __Sally__: I was right here at my desk, wor­king.%%% __Frank__: And when was the first time you noti­ced some­thing was wrong?%%% __Sally__: Well, when I first heard the shot, and as I tur­ned, Jim fell.%%% __Ed__: He is the tel­ler, Frank.%%% __Frank__: Jim Fell is the tel­ler?%%% __Sally__: No, Jim John­son.%%% __Frank__: Who’s Jim Fell?%%% __Ed__: He is the owner, Frank.%%% __Sally__: He had the flu so Jim filled in.%%% __Frank__: Phil who?%%% __Ed__: Phil Inn, he’s the night watch­man.%%% __Sally__: If only Phil had been here.%%% __Frank__: Now wait a minute, let me get this straight. Twice came in and shot the tel­ler and Jim Fell.%%% __Sally__: No he only shot the tel­ler, Jim John­son. Fell is ill.%%% __Frank__: Okay, then after he shot the tel­ler you shot Twice.%%% __Sally__: No, I only shot once.%%% __Ed__: Twice is the hold-up man.%%% __Sally__: Then I guess I did shoot Twice.%%% __Frank__: Well, so now you are chan­ging your story.%%% __Sally__: No I shot Twice after Jim fell.%%% __Frank__: You shot Twice and Jim Fell.%%% __Sally__: No, Jim fell first and then I shot Twice once.%%% __Frank__: Who fired twice?%%% __Sally__: Once!%%% __Ed__: He is the owner of the tire com­pany, Frank.%%% __Frank__: Okay, now, Once is the owner of the tire com­pany and he fired twice. Then Twice shot the tel­ler once.%%% __Sally__: Twice.%%% __Frank__: And Jim Fell and then you fired Twice.%%% __Sally__: Once.%%% __Frank__: Okay, all right, that will be all for now, Ms Decker.%%% __Ed__: We will need you to make a for­mal sta­te­ment down at the sta­tion.%%% __Sally__: Oh, of course.%%% __Frank__: You have been very help­ful. We think we know how he did it.%%% __Sally__: Oh, Howie couldn’t have done it, he hasn’t been in for weeks.%%% __Frank__: Well. Thank you again, Ms Decker.%%% __Frank__: Weeks?%%% __Ed__: Saul Weeks. He is the control­ler, Frank.%%%